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Working August 2nd! Shadow Is A Bytecode Exploit Allowing You To Execute Plenty Of Your Favourite Scripts with ease. Download For Free Today!

Revamped Entire UI, Has Fast Injection, No Crash Errors, 24h Keys And Comes With A GameHub. Download Now For FREE!

Added Keyless Version! Completely New UI Redesign, Added Stability! A Powerful FREE Full Lua Synapse Xen Executor Out There!

Slurp Is A Formidable Competitor To All Major Exploits Due To Its Vastly Superior Software Integration, Original Codebase, And Support.

Dansploit X 2nd August With Multi API And New Interface, Over 150 Games, Monaco With Premium.

One Of A Kind Executor And Game Hub With No Crashes, Super Powerful, All This Free!

Apex V2 New Incredibly Stable Update With A Full Lua Script Executor. No Key System!!!

Working 1 July! Over 210 Games! Owl Hub! No Crashes, Fast Injection, Monaco, Game & Script Hub, High Quality.

omgsploit Was Made By omggmh, 100+ Games GUI With A Search System. Fast Injection, No Crash, And A High-Quality

Working! Weekly Update!!! All Bug Fixed, Fast Injection, Monaco Support, Game & Script Hub, Lua Executor, High Quality.


Programs related to exploits.

WinRar Is Used To Open Archived Files Such As .rar And .zip Files.

Notepad++ Is A Very Common Text Editor And Has Been The First Choice Of Many Developers Including Myself For A Long Time.

This Is A Version Of Cheat Engine Which Commonly Bypasses Scans/Checks